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We provide production services for commercials, video clips, photographs, movies, and TV series.

Coordination is our most outstanding service. No detail escapes from us.

That’s why, we not only sign the contracts that commit us to do a good job, it is also our passion and our goal that you leave satisfied with the work that we do for you.

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Benefits of filming in Colombia

Colombia has a recognized track record in the production of series, movies, commercials and videoclips of renowned artists. It has the technical, artistic and hotel infrastructure to host the most demanding productions. Also, its unique geography (three mountain ranges, two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic), valleys, plains, deserts) allows access to scenarios and locations that could simulate any place in the world.

It has very attractive tax incentives (up to 35% tax rebate) granted by Law 1556 to foreign companies that come to film their projects in Colombian territory. Incentives that DTT platforms and foreign production companies have been taking advantage of since 2012. All these advantages make Colombia an excellent destination for audiovisual production.

Film in Ecuador

Ecuador has grown rapidly thanks to article 98 of the organic communications law. This has allowed famous producers and directors from around the world to come to Ecuador to shoot projects of international stature. The learning of more than 9 years has turned Ecuador into a good benchmark for production. With highly trained technical and artistic staff, with a hotel infrastructure prepared to receive the most demanding production companies, with wonderful landscapes and settings that allow you to go from snowy peaks to valleys and beaches in just a few hours of travel, Ecuador is an excellent destination for the production of high-end content.